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What makes PHA different than
other Accountability Associations?
  • Freedom for you, as the parent-teacher in choosing methods and curricula is highly respected by PHA.  We will assist you with finding information you need to make curriculum decisions (at no cost), but we will never tell you that you can't use a particular course of study.

  • The school calendar is determined by you, the parent-teacher.  As long as your academic year is at least 180 days, PHA doesn't care if you school year round or when you begin or end your academic year, or what breaks you might need in-between.  Just be sure your membership with PHA is active before you begin your homeschooling if you're new to PHA.

  • You have flexibility in assessing your student's progress.  Standardized testing is not required in South Carolina for homeschooling students.  Therefore, you are free to choose whatever means you desire to assess your student's progress.  If you want your child to take a standardized test, your handbook will guide you to organizations that provide standardized tests/testing services for homeschoolers.

  • PHA provides the annual documentation verifying your accountability to the State Department of Education without disclosure of names or personal information.  But we also will gladly provide your local school district with a letter of verification upon your request to assure truancy officers and guidance officers that your membership is active and in good standing.  Not all associations will do that at no cost...we will.

  • For students grade K-8
    You maintain ALL of your student's academic records in the privacy of your home at all times.  All records: attendance, progress reports, standardized test scores, etc. are kept by you.  PHA asks to see none of these.  Why don't we ask to see them?  Because the Mid Year Checklist Affidavit and End of Year Checklist Affidavit that you sign and mail back to us in January and June will verify that these documents have been created and are in your home records.  We would only need to see them if we were asked to verify your compliance with the homeschooling law requirements on your behalf.

  • For students grade 9-12
    Each year, PHA proudly assists many seniors in receiving the scholarships that are available to them.  We'll be with you every step of the way.  Some associations will not assist you with scholarship requirements, applications, and recommendations.

  • Because Palmetto Homeschool Association provides qualified students with Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and LIFE Scholarship application assistance, we must comply with the SC Commission on Higher Education (CHE) rules.  Therefore, every enrolled high school student must submit final grades for all courses taken each year so that a Grade Point Average (GPA) may be calculated and all students in each class ranked.

  • Optional Transcript Program:  Your PHA handbook will provide helpful information for creating your own transcript.  Alternatively, for a fee, PHA will generate an official transcript for your students to use for colleges, scholarships, and other post-high school needs.  Transcript program enrollment is required for students wanting to be considered for Palmetto Fellows Scholarship nomination.

  • Diplomas: Our optional diploma program requires the same standards set by the SC Dept. of Education for all public school graduates.  We have never had a diploma or transcript questioned or refused in our association's history.  And where have some of our graduates gone on to attend college?  The Citadel, USC Honors College, Clemson, and even West Point, just to name a few.

  • PHA's Member Handbook, including annually updated resource lists, current scholarship requirements and other helpful information, is mailed to members without extra charge each year.

  • You will be issued a high quality membership certificate with embossed seal and director's signature each year.  Surprisingly, not all associations will provide you with this basic verification of membership.

  • PHA provides laminated annual ID cards for parent teacher and high school students.

  • Legislative alerts, homeschool workshops, and current event updates will keep you informed.

Although there are many more distinctions that we feel set us apart, let us wrap this up with the fact that we promise to always be just a phone call or email away.  We are there when you need us, now and in the future.  PHA is the only registered non-profit 501 (c)3 accountability association.  Our board of directors will assure the continued health and integrity of PHA.